Kyndryl: PRO

The Pro Campaign was built to inspire progress by embracing the challenges of the day and innovating for the future with Kyndryl.
Kyndryl was divested as a low margin commoditized business by a top tech company just before the economy because to falter. This left the biggest companies’ fate in the hands of an unknown brand, Kyndryl.

A campaign that would spark confidence in CIOs that Kyndryl is the key to transforming their business, during the most uncertain time for the tech industry. My role was to execute and deliver a design system, and accompanying motion graphics for a hyper-focused, unmissable out of home campaign to bring this message to life. 

50% increase in web traffic. 70% increase in social mentiones.
Client retention and growth, with increased revenue of $85M against projections, and a $32M profit improvement.

if only you knew. 

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