Hello, I’m Yehia Abouseif, a multidisciplinary designer, artist and creative thinker. My design focuses are primarily motion, product design and branding. My fine art practices include soft pastels drawings, charcoal and chalk, and oil paintings. I also love film and storytelling.

I was born in Giza in ’98, raised with two older sisters in the suburban area of Greater Cairo. From an early age, I was always thinking creatively: drawing whatever came to mind; pretending I was a new character every other day; creating scenes and scenarios for my friends and I to act, with subplots and details that would just be forgotten the next day.

I attended the British International School, Cairo, where I learned how to grow as an artist. By sixth form (the last two years of a British education), I had learned to work – and play – with a range of fine art mediums, and experimented with different artistic styles and different subjects. Having no interest in pursuing a career outside of the arts, I applied to art and design schools all over the world.

I moved to New York in 2016 to attend Parsons School of Design, where I had the honor of learning from some of the greatest design educators: Kelly Walters; Jarret Fuller; Jon Key. I was taught to nurture my creativity in all ways, whether it was exploring different typographical treatments, or continuing to humanize fictional characters. 

︎ Here is an entry on my thesis and visual archive, Fictional Realities

I graduated in 2020 with a BFA in Communication Design, with Honors, at the peak of a global pandemic. I’ve since worked with fashion brands, small businesses, tech giants, as a motion artist, web designer, art director, trying to flex all my creative muscles. My goal is to continue to work on projects that are exciting/meaningful/aesthetically pleasing/creatively fulfilling/all of the above.

Aside from this archive of design projects, there are other things i am working on that i will be sharing soon: 

digitizing tapestries.

scribbling on papyrus.

thinking about jewelry.


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