Who am I?

Hello, I’m Yehia Abouseif, a visual designer and creative thinker from Cairo, based in New York, with a passion for design, film and identity.

I recently graduated from Parsons School of Design, New York, with honors and a BFA in Communication Design. My past experiences include BigStar Motion Design, Shark Group, J. Walter Thompson (now Wunderman Thompson), and 1on1 Projects.

Artist statement:
    Born and raised in Egypt, I was introduced to a particular meaning of art and design, and assumed that my influences would be limited to such. While studying at the British International School of Cairo, the education I received – that of European art, literature, cinema, languages and dialects – and the context of it all, ideologically contrasted with my Middle-Eastern upbringing. While being raised by traditional parents came with its benefits – compassion, self-determination, cultural appreciation – the contradicting ways of life encouraged me to question all that was around me, first cynically and later critically. Once my adolescent mind was able to move past the feeling of estrangement and indecision, I was able to fully appreciate the privilege of exposure. While my work still calls onto the simultaneous state of feeling a part of and apart from both worlds, I try to not let that overpower the beauty and chaos that is being portrayed, regardless of what world it derives from.

While this site’s primary function is to house all design work from 2017-present, I’ve also chosen to further curate any and all creative work, from personal expeditions, photography, screenwriting, fine art mediums, and documentation of typographical pilgrimages.

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