Medium ········· Print
Date ··········· 2018
Location ······· New York

A Streeteasy Catalogue
If the internet ceased to exist, how would digital publications and websites translate to print? This speculative piece is a printed edition of the New York real estate website, consisting of: a catalogue of curated listings that are easily removable (and therefore adjointable); a ProClick spine and zipper; advertisements; and a book jacket. This catalouge contains rental lisitngs only, not sales.

Calogue comes with ProClick zipper, making it easy to open and close the spine to either add or remove listings.

A book jacket was added to hide the spiral spine, making the catalogue easy to spot as it sits on a shelf, and aesthetically seems to be the correct choice.
The New York boroughs were used to divide the listings, just like the website, with the chapter covers printed on glossier and thicker. Listings have a folio-header, indicating which borough you are searching within. As you go through the catalogue, the placement of the borough’s title changes, creating a cascading effect: a tangible drop down menu.
Banner-like advertisement were placed sporadically in-between listings, similar to the banner ads on the side of the computer screen.

2021 — ︎New York, New York